Rightly Instructed For Every Season Of Life

Seek wisdom and divine strategy through prayer and meditation for your current station in life. The excellent farming analogy in Isaiah 28:24-29 emphasizes the importance of understanding different seasons. A farmer does not plow and plow and does nothing but plow. He plows for a season before beginning to plant. To become the successful farmer he was born to be, he must first understand the seasons and then rely on God for strategies to implement during the plowing, planting, harvesting, and post-harvest seasons of the farming cycle. Similarly, you must understand your current stage of life and pray for the guidance and wisdom you require right now.

In order to explore your creativity and spiritual gifts, you must be aware of your current seasons and develop an appropriate strategy. Your journey may begin with a revelation or an idea planted in your mind. Then you have to figure out how to approach the situation. You can’t keep praying and praying and doing nothing but praying. Other activities would be necessary in order to stay on track. To develop the intellectual capacity to make your ideas work, you may need to get an education and study for more than five years, for example. Failure to recognise that the study season is as important as the prayer season is foolishness.

A farmer doesn’t plow endlessly; each stage requires specific actions. Similarly, grasp your current life season and seek God’s guidance for the appropriate strategies. Pray to be rightly instructed, for the wisdom to navigate each phase successfully and become all you’re meant to be. A thorough study of biblical characters will reveal how they evolved throughout their lives. David began as a shepherd boy and progressed to become a militant commander of 400 men. He grew and evolved, employing various strategies until he became King. Depend on God’s instructions and discernment, just as a farmer relies on wisdom throughout the farming cycle.

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