Embracing Your Role in Creating Real Change

The world is influenced by its inhabitants. A good world or a corrupt world is up to the people that populate such a world. In Luke 6:45, we learn that a heart filled with goodness brings forth good, while an evil heart breeds evil. This revelation brings hope, as people’s nature can change. A righteous world is created when enough people have been taught and exposed to the principles and ideals of righteousness. Hate, crime, and poverty can be overcome through the transformation of the people. If you are conscious about your role to disciple others and influence culture, you will be shaping your world for the better.

The natural human heart is more likely to be corrupt than good. Nobody is good, says Jesus (Luke 18:19), and this should be taken as a warning that we reflect the extent to which biblical principles and values have dominated our hearts. Romans 12:1-2 exhorts you not to conform to the culture around you without first examining it with the word of God. Rather than conforming to the world around you, let God’s word transform your life. Then you’ll be able to contribute to the transformation of others.

You hold the power to change the very fabric of the world around you. Embrace this responsibility to create a better world through the power within you. The key is to remember that the natural human has an evil heart, but it can be changed by teaching and modelling God’s word. Consider how your life is either opposing or promoting the world you want. Is your presence in a place reinforcing righteous values or allowing nonsense to flourish? What impact do you have on your community’s iconography, fashion, and music? If your daily life reflects the values of heaven, your world is bound to follow.

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