The Foundations Of Miraculous Economic Growth And Prosperity

The Bible declares, “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Yet, it also urges wisdom, advising to “sit down and count the cost” before building a tower (Luke 14:28). Trusting God for a miracle doesn’t negate the role of principles, laws, and the need to apply knowledge. Hope is a beautiful thing, and a powerful springboard. However, hope is not a strategy, and relying solely on hope can disappoint (Proverbs 13:12). Your hope must mature into a work of faith, and labour of love over time. With God’s guidance, apply both spiritual truths and practical knowledge to achieve remarkable possibilities.

The fact that you have received a divine revelation that you will become wealthy and successful does not negate the need for you to master the laws of wealth and finance. God has the ability to do anything, at any time, anywhere, and for anyone; however, God does not operate in an erratic and haphazard manner. You will continue to struggle in the real world as long as you insist on God performing mighty miracles without reconciling that belief with the fact that you must operate with knowledge while considering the principles that govern life.

Your company will not grow simply because you pray about it. You must understand certain fundamental business principles. Your country’s economy will not improve simply because you hope it will. You cannot continue to do things anyhow, while trusting that the Almighty God will fix it. Andrew Carnegie was a well-known philanthropist and industrialist. Carnegie didn’t just wish for success; he worked hard to learn about the steel industry and business strategies. His faith in God fueled his ambition, and his dedication to learning and applying practical knowledge propelled him to create an empire that transformed the steel industry. For miraculous economic growth and prosperity, knowledge is required.

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