Your Work Of Faith And Labour Of Love

Love is a sure foundation for creativity, leadership, and super achievement in the world. It is a major driving force. The selfless love nurtured by the Holy Spirit empowers us for a life of triumph. When our motives are tainted by personal ambitions or greed, our progress gets obstructed by ego. The true challenge for anybody lies in finding the initial motivation for extraordinary accomplishments. That is where love enters the picture. Approaching certain missions and complex problems requires a deep spiritual love for others and the world at large.

God had to love the world so much, for Him to be motivated enough to provide a pathway to salvation (John 3:16-17). Consider the love of parents for their biological children as the closest analogy to understanding how love motivates us to tackle complex problems by faith. Parents unconditionally love their children and will go to any length to ensure their children’s success. Michelle Teng couldn’t stand by and watch her daughter die after she was diagnosed with a rare and deadly disease. She is now trying to develop the world’s first treatment for TUBB4a leukodystrophy before it is too late for her daughter, Sofia.

There is no problem that cannot be solved. The issue is that no one loves us enough to work in faith to solve those problems. That is why there is so much poverty, sickness, and illiteracy in the world today. It’s because nobody cares! To take on significant missions and solve complex problems, we must have a deep love for others and the world. The breakthrough you require in your life is more love. It takes love to be the salt and light in your world. Your work of faith and labour of love is your response to the question; “what are you killing yourself to do for others?”

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