Your Own Share Of The Work

Do not fixate solely on the allure of future impact, fame, glory, or wealth. Consider the substantial work that lies ahead and the sacrifices it will require. True victories are achieved through collective efforts, and it is essential to recognize your individual contribution to the greater whole. Your share of the glory is proportionate to your share of the work invested. Embrace the responsibility and commitment required to make meaningful contributions and earn your place among the triumphs that shape the larger picture.

In the biblical account of Nehemiah, we find a powerful example of an individual who understood the correlation between personal investment and impactful results. Nehemiah was burdened by the state of Jerusalem’s walls, which lay in ruins. With determination and a deep sense of responsibility, he embarked on the task of rebuilding the walls of his nation. Nehemiah’s commitment and tireless efforts rallied the people, and together they overcame opposition and completed the project. His unwavering dedication to the task at hand serves as an inspiration, reminding us that personal commitment and hard work are crucial in achieving significant outcomes and leaving a lasting impact.

Nehemiah teaches us a simple lesson. It is a call to action, urging us to move beyond mere dreams and take active steps towards the transformation we desire. God is inviting you to join Him in the work of building a better life and society. Are you willing to contribute your efforts and play your part? Merely wishing for change is not enough; it requires your active engagement. Embrace the challenges, endure the hardships, and get to work. Your share of the glory is proportionate to your share of the work invested. It is those that suffer with Christ that will reign with him in glory (2 Timothy 2:12).

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