On Choosing Your Spiritual Leadership Carefully

There is no polite way to say that many people put their faith in terrible spiritual authorities, which will result in a life of mediocrity. It is an unsettling truth. Surrounding oneself with a spiritual leader who aligns with God’s truth and offers genuine spiritual guidance can profoundly impact one’s spiritual growth and journey towards fulfilling their purpose. The person you choose to shepherd your soul may mean the difference between a lifetime of fulfillment and super achievement and a lifetime of regret, unfulfilled dreams, and mediocrity. A pastor and a church should not be chosen solely for reasons of convenience, such as proximity to one’s home.

In the journey of life, spiritual guidance plays a vital role. It is essential to discern when God is leading us towards those who can provide the necessary direction. Do not underestimate the significance of finding a spiritual leader who can effectively guide you. They have the ability to impart wisdom, counsel, and inspire you to greater heights. Seek out a community that cultivates a vibrant spiritual environment and a deep understanding of God’s Word. Many people have died because they trusted the wrong pastor. Many pastors have talked and bullied their flocks out of their divine destiny.

Jesus teaches us to discern spiritual leadership by the quality of their products (Matthew 7:15-20). You can always tell bad pastors by their fruits. Examine their members’ lives to see what kind of fruits they bear. What kinds of testimonies are they celebrating? What does their vision statement look like? That is an indication of the kind of life you will lead if you submit to such a community. Woe unto you, if you find yourself in submission to a leader who does not understand your destiny! Do not join a church because it is closest to your home; rather, find a church that will lead you to your destiny.

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