In The Footsteps Of John Knox

Your spirituality ought to manifest in tangible ways, impacting the people, places, and events surrounding you. When you occupy a space, your presence should carry significance. By emanating God’s love and grace into the world, there should be a discernible impact on the environment and those within it. A good religion should provide you with the necessary foundations to become spiritual. You then use your spirituality to influence your community’s dominant culture, business, economy, and governance. You can make this happen; all you have to do is walk in love.

“Give me Scotland or I die,” prayed the fiery Scottish preacher John Knox. Knox’s prayer was not an arrogant demand, but a passionate plea from a man willing to die for his countrymen’s freedom from oppressive governments. Mary, Queen of Scots once said, “I fear John Knox’s prayers more than all the assembled armies of Europe.” John Knox is credited with a major revival in his nation, a revival that reverberated across the economic and political spheres of his nation. His epitaph reads: “Here lies one who feared God so much that he never feared the face of any man.” Paraphrased from Matthew 10:28.

Take inspiration from John Knox and contemplate how your spiritual life can impact the religion, culture, economy, and governance of your nation. The spiritual state of your world influences how people live, work, and play. You cannot remain unconcerned about the spiritual state of your world. Recognize that your creative and spiritual gifts possess the potential to make a meaningful difference, extending beyond your personal life and into the community. Love stands as the crucial element. By genuinely caring and exhibiting compassion, you will be driven to take action. Your commitment will pave the way for positive change.

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