Go On A 6-Week Sprint

Your mission statement is useless unless you take action and get things done in the spirit of your mission. Whether your mission is to make the world more open and connected (like Mark Zuckerberg) or to help Africans get the goods they need on a daily basis (like Aliko Dangote), a mission statement is useless unless it is supported by action. You will not be ready to serve as the salt and light of your world until your visions, missions, and objectives have been refined into actionable items. A 6-week sprint is an excellent way to break the ice or unlock a new level in your mission.

Your mission is massive and mind-boggling. You’re not even sure where to begin. What if you spent the next 6 weeks (around 40 days) fasting and praying, reading books on the subject, seeking advice on it, thinking about it, and making plans around it? What a difference 6 weeks can make! A period of 6 weeks is enough time to move from “one day” to “day one” of your life purpose and pursuits. Remember from 1 Timothy 4:15 that you must immerse yourself in your work before your progress can be seen by others. You want to do enough work to win over even the most unreasonable people.

Spend a few days thinking about and deciding on the specific results you need in your life right now. Then make a 6-week sprint commitment. Many organizations have used 6-week sprints with positive results. It will also work for you. Maintain your concentration for a total of 6 weeks. You may not be able to devote a full day’s work to this for practical reasons. However, you should be aware that your life pursuits require a significant investment of time. The mission must be made clear enough for you to start running (Habakkuk 2:2). You must put in the effort.

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