Do Not Sleep Like Some Do

In I Thessalonians 5, the Apostle Paul shared an important message about staying spiritually awake. He warned against the dangers of becoming spiritually indifferent and urged us all to be watchful and mindful instead. While people are saying “there is peace and security,” then calamity strikes. Just like the sudden labour pains that come upon a pregnant woman. Staying informed and vigilant is not an option, but rather a requirement. It is unfortunate that, while many people actively push their agenda through the media, politics, and culture, Christians sleep through it all.

Some people are working hard to turn back the clock and restore a 19th century caliphate in West Africa. The terrorist group, colloquially known as Ansaru, has made it clear that its mission is to restore the Sokoto Caliphate to its 19th-century glory. And they are willing to steal and kill and destroy in order to get what they want. Just like the thief Jesus mentioned in John 10:10. You should not sleep if you believe your current civilisation is better for the world. If you don’t, you’ll wake up one day in a caliphate from the 19th century.

It is up to you to watch over your world and steer it towards where God wants. You can safeguard your community against every wave of evil and injustice by accepting your role as the salt and light of your world. Several interest groups and terrorist organisations are working hard, round the clock to enforce their will upon others. For a long time, Christians believed that all they required was the Lord’s blessing. They are beginning to realise, however, that without a functioning society, it is difficult to enjoy the Lord’s blessing. Every day, keep a prayerful eye on your world and consider how you can make a difference.

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