David Or Josiah? Understanding The Pathway To Success

Patience is key when it comes to manifesting your destiny. Despite the equality of all human beings in creation, the speed at which things align is influenced by the circumstances and situations we are born into. So, don’t rush the process and remain patient. David, son of Jesse was anointed King over Israel by Prophet-Priest-Judge Samuel. This event happened before David turned twenty. However, David did not actually ascend to the throne until at least a decade later. On the other hand, we have characters like Joash and Josiah that were anointed kings before their tenth birthday, and they ascended to the throne right away.

Although achieving success overnight is not entirely impossible, it is crucial to conduct an honest evaluation of the circumstances. To illustrate this point, consider the contrasting experiences of David and Josiah. David had to wait for more than a decade before ascending the throne, while Josiah accomplished this feat at the young age of eight. By comprehending the disparities between David and Josiah, you may discover the key to unlocking your own destiny. This principle is not just some biblical mumbo-jumbo. If you research widely, you will see the same principles at work in people that achieved some massive success before they clocked thirty.

Behind every successful child is an adult. It is possible to become massively successful at a young age. However, such a person would require quite successful parents or sponsors. If you do not have anyone operating at that level to sponsor you, and you do not have some natural advantages working in your favor. You need to be patient with the process. King David built his kingdom from scratch, but Joash and Josiah were enthroned by the existing kingdom machinery. If you study entrepreneurs that made it early in life, you will always find the existing machinery that helped them. Are you a David or a Josiah?

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