Deliver Your Own Contribution To The Collective

In Ephesians 4:16, we are reminded that when each part does its share, the body of Christ grows and builds itself up in love. This is important to note. As members of the body of Christ, we are called to work together. We should be there for one another. And use our individual, distinct strengths for collective progress. You must understand that you have a role to play and that you must contribute to the work. God is relying on you. People should be able to rely on you to carry out your responsibilities. Deliver your own contribution to the body of Christ.

If you study John 3:16-17, you will discover that the higher life we have as believers empowers us for more. The Son of God was made manifest in order for the world to be saved, delivered, and made whole through him. That mission is carried on by the body of Christ. It is your responsibility to be the salt and light in your world. It is our collective responsibility to heal our world and make it whole again. You must understand that unless every member of the body of Christ contributes their fair share, things will not improve for us as a whole.

We have a sacred duty to ensure that the body of Christ grows and builds itself up in love. You may have some personal issues that require attention. Or maybe you have some kind of handicap. However, if we all work together, no one will be left behind. We will create a more equitable world that empowers everyone to do their best work that glorifies God. In light of this call to action, we must recognize our responsibility to actively participate in the growth and development of the body of Christ. When we deliver our own quota, our communities and nation will reflect the grace of God.

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