You Will Eventually Receive The Love You Give

The narrative fluctuates with unexpected turns. A man selflessly supports his wife’s journey abroad, only to be betrayed by her in return. Similarly, a woman sacrifices her all for her beloved, only to experience the pain of abandonment. How should we navigate such situations in the face of such circumstances? Your first instinct is to seek some kind of revenge. After making a promise to yourself that you would never love like that again. The anguish, hurt, and overwhelming sense of loss are all real. But you must have faith that God will judge the situation and that eventually, you will get the love you give.

No amount of words will change the fact that you have been duped. You gave love only to have it taken for granted. In return for loving, you appeared to have reaped some wickedness fueled by selfishness. However, it will not end well if you follow the path of revenge. You want revenge? So, make two graves. Because you will be dead by the time you exact your revenge. Something good, pure and holy would have died inside you. Your soul will be corrupted. You must never seek revenge on your own. Trust God to do right by you (Romans 12:19-21).

There is an alternative to seeking revenge which will bring the death of your own soul. It is to hold on to the standard of Christ. If you love God, and trust in his word, this is the common sense thing to do. According to the principle, you will reap what you sow. You do not have to reap it from the person to whom you sowed it. You will get the love you give in the long run. If you love like Jesus loved, you will attract high-fidelity love and trust. Forgive, and move on. Allow yourself to heal over time.

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