Your False Beliefs Are Holding You Back

The life you’re living right now is a direct result of the beliefs you hold right now. Jesus said, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” (Mark 9:23). This reveals to you that your potential is limited only by your belief. You cannot believe God in areas where you haven’t heard the word because it is written that “faith comes by hearing.” Despite the fact that we all worship the same God. It is obvious that our understanding of God is not the same. This implies that some people lack the knowledge they need to believe in God for certain things.

We all have different levels of faith in God. For instance, some Christians think that depending on medical care is sinful. As a result, they would never go to a doctor if they became ill. They will only rely on prayer. Then they either recover naturally or make peace with their death. Some people believe that Satan has complete control over the world. And that without selling their soul to the devil, no one can have any meaningful impact on the world. These are false beliefs that are not supported by the Holy Bible.

You must imitate the belief systems of people who achieve the results you do not. For example, if you want to be a scientist. Avoid the Christian who believes that science contradicts God’s will. Avoid those who believe that all scientists must be atheists. Seek out individuals who are both scientists and religious. Look for excellent examples to imitate as a Christian (1 Corinthians 11:1). If no one in your Christian community is producing the desired results, look into other Christian communities. You do not have to settle for mediocrity.

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