You Need To Find The Right Village

You are going to encounter difficulties on the road to success. You will have to overcome the odds. But you will not become a success on your own. The sheer amount of knowledge and power required to succeed at anything should make it clear to you that you cannot succeed on your own. It becomes critical for you to ensure that you have the proper associations to draw from. Also, you must be a part of a platform or environment that allows you to succeed. Study any successful person, you will observe how others acted in important roles.

Jesus Christ gained a massive following and hand-picked disciples. Famously, he dispatched them two by two into locations he intended to visit. Even though he possessed unimaginable powers, he understood the concept of teamwork. Nobody in the entire Bible succeeded on their own. Nobody in the Bible attempted to do God’s work on their own. Samson is the sole exception, and his failure speaks volumes. It is arrogant to believe that you can light up your entire world by yourself. You must be associated with others from whom you can draw strength, knowledge, and inspiration.

The old adage is true: success requires the cooperation of an entire village. Like anything else, there will be a spectrum of good and bad villages. You must research and observe your surroundings. What is the level of productivity in your world? Will this setting enable you to be your most creative and productive self? Is this environment encouraging mediocrity? Even if you want to light up your world, you must first establish yourself in a more productive environment. You will then have the support and backing to succeed in your mission. You need a supportive family, a place to help you succeed.

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