Christian Values in the Global Drug Market

India is the world’s largest supplier of low-cost generics, vaccines, and affordable medicines. It is one of the largest drug producers in terms of both value and volume. Pharmaceuticals are exported from India to over 200 countries and territories. Today, India has earned the title of “Pharmacy of the World.” However, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is not without its challenges. Bloomberg reported in April 2023 that its generic cough syrups had killed dozens of children in the previous six months, its eye drops had caused blindness, and its chemotherapy drugs had been contaminated.

On the one hand, we should applaud India for successfully channelling its large population into productivity. India excels at putting its people to work. Every year, India exports more software than Nigeria exports crude oil. Human capital is the foundation of software. Crude oil is a naturally occurring deposit. This demonstrates which country has been the most productive. The drug scandals, on the other hand, highlight the importance of morals and a guiding ethical framework for people. We are called as Christians to love and care for our neighbours, which includes ensuring that the products we manufacture and distribute are safe and beneficial to others.

India is the country with the largest number of US Food and Drug Administration-compliant pharmaceutical plants. This is a great achievement. However, without people who are committed to doing things ethically, it is meaningless. The Bible teaches us the value of human life and how we should put the well-being of others ahead of our own selfish interests. As a result, products from countries with a reputation for having a society based on Christian ideals are more trusted. People are willing to pay a premium for greater trust. Do not compromise ethics as the productivity of your world rises. Cheaper Indian drugs are useless if we can’t trust them.

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