Moving Beyond “I Cannot Afford It”

Resilience and resourcefulness are two of the most important qualities to have if you want to be the salt and light of your world. It is not about having resources, it is about being resourceful. The difference between people who get things done, and those who fail is their mindset. “I cannot afford it,” the poor man concludes, and goes to bed. “How can I afford it?” the rich man asks, and he begins to plan his next move. Lack of funds is not the reason you fail to make meaningful progress towards your dreams. It is due to lack of resourcefulness, fueled by a lack of thinking.

The master severely punished the unprofitable servant (Matthew 25: 14-30) for failing in his fiduciary responsibilities. The servant didn’t realise there was a demand on him to be resourceful with the talent he had been given. This was someone who could have easily benefited from the advice and mentoring of his more experienced and business-savvy colleagues. He completely ignored both of them. There was the option of banking the talent and allowing it to yield an interest. This servant ignored that as well. He failed to display any resourcefulness or resilience. He refused to use his brain for a moment.

Talents (resources) are given to each of us, according to our ability (Matthew 25: 15). Your current level is a reflection of your capacity and abilities. There is no need to moan about your current station in life. You can advance beyond your current level if you make a commitment to acquiring the knowledge, discipline, work ethic, and accountability required for the next level. Try to seek clarity. Be sure you are seeking the right goals. There is plenty of assistance available to you. You aren’t the only servant out there. Associate with people who are more seasoned and experienced than you. They will show you how it is done.

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