The Power of Creating Something from Nothing

Every human being is capable of creating something from nothing. But only a few of us will ever be able to focus enough to do so. You need to be conscious of your power to create something out of nothing. The key is to define in clear terms, the things you wish to create. There is a distinction between things that exist, and things that do not exist. It is the fact that you can describe how something works. It’s characteristics and utility. You can describe the feeling something evokes when others interact with it. This is the first step towards creating something of value, from nothing.

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth from nothing. We can see that the first step was to define what needed to be created. And then God spoke it out, using words to paint a picture of what the thing to be created would look like. If you can learn to imitate this pattern, you can create anything. It is real if we can imagine it, define its behavior, and explain how it works. It is prepared to be spoken into existence (a.k.a prayed into existence). You cannot create anything from ignorance. There must be some base knowledge.

You need to get started by defining the things you want to create in clear terms. You need to start defining your ideas as engines, gadgets, books, and organizations. They should be described as though they exist. By describing them and the feelings they evoke when others engage with them, we bring them to life in our spirit. The next step is to speak them into being. And pray them into reality. You must direct your creative energy toward your ideas. That is how you will attract all of the resources required to make them a reality. Before you can create something, you must possess a clear vision of it.

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