Developing a Conqueror Spirit

You can become a conqueror (or overcomer). It doesn’t necessarily mean being super strong or crushing everything that comes your way at the first try. Instead, conquering means never giving up until you achieve your desired goal. The key to conquering is consistency, patience, and the spirit that never gives up. If you want to develop a conquering spirit, it begins with a commitment. You must commit to becoming firm, steadfast, and unmovable in your mission (1 Corinthians 15:58). This is something anybody can do. We have the God-given ability to pursue our mission and heart desires in this manner.

You are able to achieve anything. As long as you understand that there is a journey ahead of you. And that there are requirements for getting there. Many people are inspired by the story of a man who turned his dream of becoming a real estate developer into a reality. He overcame the challenge of coming from a poor family by working hard, remaining disciplined, and never giving up on his dreams. Despite his education, he worked as a bus conductor to raise capital. This enabled him to save money to begin trading, which led him to the real estate industry. He is now a mentor as well as a successful real estate developer.

In order to complete your mission, you must cultivate this conqueror and overcomer mindset. As you grow spiritually, you become stronger and more capable of facing the challenge. There is no mountain too high for you to climb if you have humility, patience, and some discipline. Consistency is the key. You must strive to improve in every effort you make. Every time you sit down to work, resolve to perform at a higher level of excellence than the previous time. Make your brain sweat by putting it to work. You will improve as a result, and your creative abilities will dazzle the world in due time.

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