Within The Confines Of Religion

Becoming a devout Christian does not necessarily stop you from engaging your mind. It is crucial to approach religion with an open and critical mindset. God created our brains and minds for one purpose: to think. He wants us to use our reasoning skills. However, it is critical to keep our thinking within the boundaries of religion. One must recognize that claiming to be a “free thinker” is a fallacy, as everyone thinks from a specific perspective. There are no “free thinkers”. There are only people somewhat confused about their beliefs at the moment. Allow your Christian faith to shape your thought life.

The Bible does not oppose thinking. On the contrary, there is biblical support for thinking and meditation. These are ancient spiritual practises that are considered part of the Christian tradition. All thinking must be done from a specific perspective. And the Christian perspective is a valid one. Rejecting Christianity is stupid. It is not a sign of intelligence or sophistication. If you reject religion, the chances of “finding God” on your own is so slim, that it’s irrelevant. Today’s world rejects religion without reminding you to pay the price to think for yourself. That is the origin of the chaos in the world today.

We need a productive society that empowers us to do our best work. Such a society will demand a balance of conformity and freedom. If you want to remain part of a community, you cannot be free to do anything you like. Too many people today think without the moral, ethical, and spiritual safeguards of religion. They serve their own selfish and twisted ego unknowingly. This causes a huge mess in our world. The Christian faith can provide you with a sense of purpose and meaning. Explore the world and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. You can be intellectual all you want. But do it within the confines of religion.

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