Your Identity is the Secret to Mastery and Success

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and never seemed to achieve it? Perhaps you aspired to a certain level of success, but it always seemed to elude you. The issue with focusing on these outcomes is that they are external to you. You have no control over them. You are not the kind of person who can do the things you’re dreaming about. It is critical to think about your identity. The most important question you must address is: who are you? Every other aspect of life, purpose, and destiny stems from your sense of identity.

Identity is a very serious theme in the great spiritual tradition. When the sons of Sceva commanded in “the name of Jesus, whom Paul proclaimed”. An evil spirit responded, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you? In other words, these men lacked the necessary identity to do the things they wanted. It ended in humiliation and shame. Gideon was supposed to be a military commander, taking command and assisting in the liberation of his nation from oppression. But Gideon was busy hiding, unaware of his true identity as a valiant warrior. The breakthrough you need is a clarification of your identity in Christ.

What a disaster and waste of heavenly resources when your earthly identity does not correspond to what God created you with. You would easily achieve your goals by becoming the person who can do the things you want to do. Defining your identity is the key to success. You can discover the processes associated with your identity once you know who you are and what you stand for. These processes are what will allow you to produce the results you want. Have faith that each day will bring you more clarity. Your transformation begins when you embrace your identity. That is when your mission can begin.

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