The Thinker and the Prayer

It is not enough to be a fantastic thinker. While having a sharp mind and the ability to think is important, making time for prayer is also essential. Everyone knows that success requires a certain amount of luck. In this context, luck refers to the hope that events and circumstances beyond one’s control will work in one’s favour. As a result, a true thinker would recognize that it is futile and vain to believe that everything can be figured out. You must focus on what you can control. Then, for help with things beyond your control, pray to a higher power.

A young boy attempted but failed to lift a bucket of water. His father stood nearby, observing. After a while, the boy gave up, and his father intervened, saying, “Why aren’t you using all of your strength to try to lift the bucket?” The boy was perplexed, but his father quickly explained: “I am a part of your strength, son. You should have asked for my assistance when you couldn’t lift the bucket.” The thinker needs to pray. Prayer is a free invitation to tap into something greater than you. The thinker will be able to draw upon spiritual resources.

Praying does not waste time; on the contrary, it saves time. By using prayer for guidance, you can save yourself decades of fruitless labour. We open ourselves up to a deeper understanding of our purpose and place in the world when we pray. We have the ability to access a sixth sense, one that can travel forward in time, fully weigh our decisions, and guide us out of difficult situations. Prayer and meditation assist us in determining WHAT to do and WHY we do what we do. Thinking and planning assist us in determining HOW to do what we do. So, we see that the thinker must pray.

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