The Relevance of Clear, Purposeful Prayers in Today’s World

Prayer is an important spiritual discipline that is still relevant today. It’s easy to lose sight of the power of prayer in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world. The sentiment is that we require knowledge and technology to solve problems. Prayers do not do anything. However, this is incorrect. A prayer is a request made to a higher power. A petition to state the expected outcomes in clear terms. If you believe that there is a God, then you should make your request. You must accept that you will not always have complete control. You will need to appeal to a higher power for help with certain challenges.

The various approaches to prayer contribute to the confusion regarding praying about socioeconomic issues. Religious people pray to God for help. They pray and move on. Unconsciously wishing for God to use others to carry out their prayers. The pragmatic spiritual person underestimates the utility of prayers offered by the religious people. Spiritual people pray for divine enablement and empowerment to accomplish their goals. They do not want to simply pray about the issues. They are determined to take action. Every prayer offered in faith has an effect. It is up to you to approach prayer as someone tasked with watching their world.

There is a skill to prayer. Prayer is not about babbling or stringing together incoherent words. Those kinds of prayer are not effective. They reflect confusion in the mind. Prayers shine when there is clarity of thought. To pray with clarity, you need to develop your mind. In the Bible, we see Daniel doing that, much like a lawyer arguing their case and offering prayers to a court of law. The excellent Daniel argued that it was time for God to restore Jerusalem (Daniel 9:1-19). As you advance in your mission, you will need more than knowledge, technology and funds. You will need the skill of effective prayers.

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