Come, Let Us Bury Our Individualistic Thinking

If you are serious about accomplishing great things, you must first accept the fact that you cannot do it alone. Across all of time and history, nothing significant has ever been achieved by a single person working alone. There is no precedent for that. It doesn’t matter how brilliant or gifted you are. You are not going to succeed alone. When you accept this fact, you will approach relationships with a different perspective. Relationships can frustrate you. They will demand your time and resources. But it is the most efficient use of your time. If you are serious about guiding your world to a better future.

The success of world changers throughout history has not been due to the brilliance of a single individual working alone. The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) gives a hint about what’s possible when people come together. Early Jewish and Christian traditions reported that Nimrod led the development of that project. Moses worked with Aaron, Hur, Miriam and Joshua as his close team. Not counting the other leaders he had working with him. When you read stories about world changers, pay attention to their team and leaders. Any movement that impacts the world requires a “level 5” leader, and an army.

Every company, organization or mission will require a face. Someone that embodies the mission as an avatar of the spiritual ideal. But they never do it alone. Good people must learn and understand this. You will achieve more when you operate as part of a team. You should be ready to bury your personal ambitions in service of something bigger than yourself. You do not have to be the face of the mission. Accept the role that is available if you are serious about being the salt and light of the world. Whether as the mission’s commander or as a faceless army soldier. It should make no difference to you.

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