Who Do You Need To Become?

What is your best answer to the question, “Who are you?” This is not the time for some religious or thoughtless answer. You want to be specific and as detailed as possible. You are a primary school teacher. Husband to your wife. Daddy (not father) to your children. Consider your friends. Consider your professional affiliations. Furthermore, consider your religious affiliations. The idea is to express and name everything that makes up your current identity. With that knowledge, you can now consider whether that identity can produce the future you desire. If the person you are right now, cannot produce the results you want. You must consider the question, “Who do you need to become?”

What areas of your life are sabotaging your mission? You have been tasked by God to steer your world towards a better future. But your identity is not in agreement with this assignment. You are not the right person for the job. You are not on the path to becoming the person who can get the job done. The good news is that you change. You can change your mind today, right now. And declare that old things have passed away. You can chart a new course for your life. The beautiful thing about the Christian faith is that it allows you to embrace transformation. You can become a new person.

Leaving your life’s outcome to “que sera sera” is a bad strategy. “Whatever will be, will be”, is not a biblical strategy. A watchman is expected to seek God’s will for their world. Then proceed with faith, knowledge, and virtue. It will take time to reinvent yourself. It takes a second or two to decide to go for it. However, it may take a year or two for the fruits of that decision to become apparent. Here is a decision prayer for you:

Dear father, my current identity is not helpful. I am not moving towards my goals. This personality does not reflect the best that heaven has to offer me. And so, I pray today (mention the date), that you will deliver me from this person I have become. I know that with love and patience. You will help me become the new person I desire to be. I need to become (mention features of the new person). AMEN.

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