On End-of-year Prophecies and Goals

There is no difference between the days, according to scientists who study the workings of the physical universe. Mondays and Thursdays have no physical distinction. Everything is the same. There is no evidence that the laws of physics change over time. Everything is the same. That is why you must abandon the notion of waiting for a specific day before acting. You do not have to wait until another Wednesday to correct mistakes made on a Wednesday. Do not make the common mistake of setting aggressive goals for the new year. While you ignore the daily discipline required for success. Genuine end-of-year prophecies are fantastic. However, prophetic guidance without strategic thinking is useless.

Prophecies help you move in accordance with God’s will. If the prophecies coming your way do not contain any intelligence you need to make decisions. They are no good. Several media houses reported that the Republic of Ghana has enacted legislation to limit the dissemination of certain prophecies. Prohibiting the public communication of doomsday prophecies, particularly of deaths and harm and similar ones with the potential to lead to the breakdown of law and order. This is not an attack on religion. We should all be wary of doomsday prophecies that do not add any value. Any prophetic insight that does not provide any sort of guidance is useless.

Prophecies are an important part of God’s moves on the earth. The prophetic word that comes to you is meant to equip you with the ability to make better decisions. A good prophecy originates from heaven and offers guidance. The prophetic insight will help you form meaningful goals. There is nothing special about the end of the year. You do not have to wait till New Year’s day to act upon your goals and resolutions. Take action today. Prophecies are no substitute for hard work and diligence. You don’t always need a fresh word from God. You simply need to develop the discipline required to complete the work.

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