This Is The Way, Walk In It

It should not be difficult for any true disciple of Jesus to find purpose. By definition, a disciple is an apprentice. A deliberate process which made the fully formed disciple a living copy of the master. As a result, if Jesus lived a purposeful life and passed on a purposeful existence to his disciples. Everyone who submits to the rigors of Christian discipleship will mature into their calling. You need someone to guide you into your purpose. A discipler that is already doing the works of him that sent Jesus. Someone that will say unto you, “this is the way, walk in it.”

Without an external force, it is hard, if not impossible, for someone to bring out the best in themselves. If you are interested in making a difference in your world. It begins with training. Discipleship is not just learning the discipler’s teaching, but also the practical details of their life. A disciple is required to interact with and imitate a real living person, not just attend lectures or read books. A disciple literally follows someone in the hopes of one day becoming what they are. You will need a human being to guide you into your own purpose. Allow God to lead to someone that will shape you.

You should clarify your motives. Are you seeking your purpose or are you looking for the spectacular? You are not going to find your purpose by spending forty days on prayer and fasting. There is no knowledge or training in your spirit for such a rigorous spiritual exercise. The first step is to be discipled by a human being. You will receive knowledge, discipline and training. This is what prepares you for a purposeful life. How will you hear the voice of God without adequate preparation? There is no basis in the Bible for this. You need someone to train you. Someone that will say unto you, “this is the way, walk in it.”

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