From Revelation To Reality

There is a long list of people who have had an idea for something. However, as time passes, they are unable to implement the idea they were given. They can produce something in some cases. But what they produce never lives up to the original concept in their heads. Ideas are spiritual. Ideas come from a place that is beyond logic and reason. Yet, without the application of logic and reason, an idea cannot be maximized. If you want to go from having an idea to fully developing it. You must understand the significance of knowledge and training. Then embrace the skill required to do things properly.

When the Holy Spirit places an idea in your heart. This is just the first step in the entire process. You need to take out time to think about the word you received. Your goal is to be able to explain the word/idea in a logical way that anyone can understand. Depending on your current capabilities, you might need to discuss the ideas with people more experienced than you. They will bring perspectives and opinions to the table. Some of such opinions and feedback might be negative. It will help you confront the tough questions about your idea. It is meant to help you see the issues with your project. You cannot develop an idea if you cannot explain it step-by-step.

Do not become like the people who possess great visions about things they want to do. But they never achieved it. To maximize your spiritual potential, patience is your ally. The patience to get enough education and training. The patience to commit to reviewing and seeking feedback as needed. We often underestimate how much we can improve if we are tenacious enough to stick with the original concept and patient enough to figure it out. Isaac Newton spent decades working on his initial breakthrough ideas before he got answers. A single idea from God can keep you busy for the next twenty years. Have faith in God. Be patient with yourself. Your revelation is real, and over time, it will mature.

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