What It Takes To Light Up Your World

You will have to deal with vile people if you want to be the salt and light of your world. People who are the worst of the worst. If you are tasked with guiding us to where God wants us to go, you must be prepared to deal with iniquity and evil. There is no nice way for the will of God to be done on earth. You will face serious opposition. People who do not play by the rules. They do not fear God. They do not believe in justice, and are prepared to do anything it takes to win. You cannot approach them like a fellow believer. You must treat them as they deserve to be treated.

King David has some excellent advice for anyone who has to deal with the “sons of Belial”. The phrase “son of Belial” does not imply that Belial is a real person who fathers children; rather, it describes people who are worthless or corrupt. The personification of wickedness and evil. 2 Samuel 23:6‭-‬7 (KJV) says, “but the sons of Belial shall be all of them as thorns thrust away, because they cannot be taken with hands: But the man that shall touch them must be fenced with iron and the staff of a spear; And they shall be utterly burned with fire in the same place.” You cannot approach your mission within the world in the same way that you would a mission within the church.

You need iron tools to chop down the sons of Belial that oppose your mission. There must be a willingness to let them burn. You must be prepared in your spirit to deal ruthlessly with opposition to your mission. They are ready to shut you down, and drown your light with more darkness. Nehemiah 4:11 (KJV), “And our adversaries said, They shall not know, neither see, till we come in the midst among them, and slay them, and cause the work to cease.” You will fail in your mission to help the needy. Get to the lowly. And empower those who are willing. There will always be some sort of opposing force to contend with. You will be forced to abandon your mission sooner or later. Unless you rise to the challenge.

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