The Audacity To Create

If you’re not as creative as you think you can be. It is usually because you are not as bold or audacious as you need to be. Creativity requires boldness and confidence. The kind of confidence that could be misread as pride. Genuine creativity produces new ideas that are useful. The usefulness of a new idea is not always obvious to every stakeholder. And sometimes your new ideas simply will not work as well as the existing alternatives. You must have faith in your ideas. A conviction that your God-given ideas are correct. And, if followed, they can make a significant difference.

Having the audacity to create means that you are conscious of your role in creation. God gave humans a special responsibility within creation to cultivate, protect, and use wisely. We have the ability to create and innovate in ways that increase the utility of everything God created. Your ability to create is not in question. The question seems to be about finding the boldness to give yourself the permission to use your creative potentials. At some point, you need to look around and consider who gave permission to those who are currently working to make the world a better place.

If your world was perfect, there would be no reason to change anything. No reason to invent anything else. A watchman must believe in their mission enough, to go all out to create whatever will be needed to complete it. Your audacity to create comes from the Lord’s command. Use this mandate, go in this your might. Look for the biggest problems plaguing your world and commit to finding out new ideas towards solving it. The evil doers have no confidence issues when they come with a mandate to steal and destroy. Our master calls us out to be a salt and light of the world. Will you find the audacity to do so?

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