Operate At A Higher Level Of Creativity

George Land concluded after extensive research into the nature of creativity that humans are born creative. Nothing suggests that creativity, like breathing, is not a fundamental human characteristic. You may be wondering why, if humans are naturally creative, so many adults are not considered creative. The answer is simple; many adults did not fan this gift from God into flames. They are not stoking the fire of creativity. You need to focus your creative energy enough for it to become potent and active. It is possible to operate at a higher level of creativity.

The journey to mastering your creative powers is going to take some time. It takes some patience. And a willingness to commit to the process. Creative exploits demand discipline, attention, will, and consequently, conscious work. You need to work out some things before you will be able to showcase the fruits of your productivity. You would need to develop specialised knowledge. Specialized knowledge helps you to leverage your wisdom in a tangible way. This will help you craft a “science” out of what you do. Your unique creations are the fruit of your decision to commit to this process.

You need something to help you focus your creative abilities. Creativity does not operate in a vacuum. It requires you to identify a problem you wish to solve. We create things in order to solve problems or create value in society. Once you have identified a theme around which you want to create value. You can get started for real. Step 1: Gather knowledge. You have to consume lots, and lots of knowledge around the things you want to do. Step 2: Take time to think and reflect on what you are reading. Mentally chew what you are reading. Digest it. Step 3: Give it time, ideas will flash your mind. Step 4: Evaluate your ideas by seeking feedback from the right sources. Once you complete this process a few times, you will ascend to a higher level of consciousness.

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