On A Mission To Increase The Utility Of Creation

In the beginning, after God created heavens and the earth. God created man in his very own image. Within creation, God gave humans a special responsibility to cultivate, protect, and use wisely. We have the ability to create and innovate in such a way that the utility of everything God created is increased. When you look around and consider everything humans have created. You will find a pattern of increasing the productivity of creation. Your creative talent will not just empower you to produce more results. You are increasing the range of what’s possible within your domain.

It is important that you know that God created humans with a special role. God gave the gift of intelligence to mankind, and this empowers us to increase the utility of everything that is unintelligent around us. God made the unintelligent things in creation to be under the command of the things that are intelligent. He made it this way, so that you can administer your intelligence, and make things better. It is up to you. You have to determine what God wants, and steer your world towards it. Your world awaits your creative contributions. That is the only way people can unlock their potential.

You do not have to think deeply before you realize that digital platforms enable humans to explore their creativity. It boosts our productivity in this way. Your smartphone can be a tool for maximising your utility. Humans possess the magic and source of creativity, you are not an exception. You have to consider how you are increasing the utility of everything around you. The furniture industry increases the utility of the trees God created. The energy industry harnesses the things God made, and transforms their energy into a form that humans can use. Without humans, creation will never reach its full potential.

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