Never Get Emotional With Your Mission

You are never going to get anything done if you are ruled by your emotions. The watchman serious about their mission soon realizes this. You need an accurate picture of the world in your mind. This helps you think through issues and take actions. Emotions interfere with this. Some emotions are so intense that it has an effect on your mind and how you process events. If you have ever remembered an important event in a different way from how things happened. That was your emotions substituting feelings for facts. You will never get anything done if you don’t get your emotions in check.

Several sins can derail your mission to keep an eye on your world. The most powerful is when emotions shape your reality. It prevents you from receiving the feedback you require to correct your course. This is one of the reasons why passion projects fail. The visioneer is overly invested in the project. They will never see the flaws in their methods. And as long as they prioritize what they want to hear over what they need to hear. Things get worse and worse until failure becomes impossible. This can happen in any organisation.

Faith teachers have tried to teach us that true faith does not disregard facts and reality. Faith does not contradict reality. You’re not pretending you don’t have a problem. A person of faith does not ignore reality, but rather plots a course based on the current situation. The three main effects are reward, punishment, and stress. These are motivated by four emotions: joy, sadness, fear, and anger. You will not achieve real results if you crave rewards while avoiding punishment and stress. Do not put your need to feel happy above the need to know the truth. You should consider getting an independent, objective opinion about your work. Never get emotional with your mission.

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