Load Up Your Clouds

The Bible says, “If the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves on the earth”. You are not getting any “rains” if your cloud is not full. This shows you the only way you are going to find the results, and the rewards you seek. Every single day, you are reaping the results of the labour done yesterday. While you could enjoy the fruit of the labours of others. You do not have a bright future if you refuse to labour in the present. Focus on your productivity, and make sure you show up every day. Doing the works of him that sent you. The results and the rewards will show up when your clouds are ready.

When you look closely at someone who becomes extremely successful overnight. You can be sure it was not a 12-hour night. It can take anywhere from three to five years to become an overnight success. To as much as twenty years. The global behemoth Amazon was founded in July 1994. Before you heard about them, the company had been around for ten years at the very least. Barack Obama’s political career began in 1997. He did not take office as President until 2009. For a very long time, the biggest names in religion, culture, economy, and governance have been loading up their clouds. They are enjoying the rain they laboured for yesterday.

Your cloud is yet to be full, that is why you are not enjoying any success. If you are creating value through your work. You will get paid. Kings will seek you out from afar. They will seek you out from all the four corners of the world, when your reputation reaches the four corners of the world. So, don’t worry about the money. You will get paid. You just have to think about how your work is having a positive effect on your local economy. When you find the connection, work hard on that mission. As you labour today in tears and hardship, you know with certainty that your future is secured with Christ.

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