Focus Enough To Create

Your God-given creative powers are useless if you do not find a way to focus. A mind that is not distracted by the mundane, physiological needs will ascend to a higher level of consciousness. Your obsession with a need for water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing and reproduction holds you back. Every human being possesses the ability to create. And every day, you dissipate your creative energy in various ways. If you could find a way to focus your creative energy on something that matters. Your creative output would surprise you.

In a 2014 study published in the journal Science, researchers locked their subjects in an empty room for 15 minutes with no access to reading material or technology. They gave their subjects the option of administering a small electric shock to themselves. Two-thirds of the men and one-quarter of the women shocked themselves. They preferred the electric shock to being alone with their thoughts. How do you create, when you cannot even sit down, alone with your thoughts for hours? Studies show that just having your smartphone near you, even face down on silent, drains your capacity to focus. Your mind will continue to wander towards your smartphone. You will never focus enough to create something tangible.

Creativity is the imitable expressions from your innermost being. It is driven by a deep desire for self-expression. You will not be able to create anything, if you do not embrace the discipline required. You begin by cultivating a desire to explore and express your creativity. It is easier to have desire for results, when the goal is clear. Look for something you want more than anything else. Something outside your reach. Something that will demand your full concentration and dominate your thoughts more than sleep, food, love or reproduction. It has to be something you want more than anything else. Desire will help you focus enough to create something.

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