More of The Truth, Less of The Emotions

Your life will change forever the day you begin to value truth over emotion and sentiment. The quality of your results will improve when the truth matters more to you than your emotions. You recall that the Almighty is referred to as the God of truth in the Bible. The Universe, our reality is governed by things that remain consistent without regards for our emotional state. The world will not adjust to your viewpoint, just because you feel things should be in a certain way. If you are serious about steering your world towards a better future, the objective truth matters.

A wise man once said, “You’re being emotional. It’s understandable, but unnecessary. Look for what’s there, not what you want to be there. You’ll see the truth soon enough”. The fallen human being is an emotional creature. Your emotional attachments separate you from spiritual realities. The Bible does not hide its hatred of attachment to physical things. Such attachment produces emotions and sentiment. Emotion will take you further away from the truth. You will begin to see what you want to see, rather than seeing things for the way they are. And the way God wants you to see them.

You must train yourself to rise above the limitations of the fallen human being. A fallen state that means that you run your life on emotion and sentiment. You cannot run your life based on how you feel about things, even if those things are not true. You cannot choose to be led by a “mushy” good feeling you have on the inside. We must honour God by seeking the truth at all times. It might be understandable to be emotional about things, but it is unnecessary. Emotions will pull you away from the true state of things. It takes you to a place where you cannot please the God of truth and justice.

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