Thinking Tomorrow, Today

The most important task for the watchman is to write the vision and make it plain. You cannot steer your world towards a better future you cannot explain or describe in some detail. It is hard to watch over your world if you do not have a compelling picture of what the future could be. There has to be some clarity around what the future could look like. You are then able to create whatever frameworks, machines, platforms, engines, companies, and institutions that will be required for that future to become a reality. A creative person thrives by thinking about tomorrow and then proceeds to begin to build it out, starting today.

When you go beyond the noise and empty motivational rhetorics. You realise that a creative person is a patient person. A creative genius is nothing more than someone that has embraced the discipline of endurance and long-suffering. It takes patience, endurance and long-suffering to display high-level creativity. You must dispel from your mind the myth of the creative genius that can build anything in a few seconds. In your quest to build the future, your mindset should be along the lines of “slow, and steady”. If you ignore this, reality will humble you. The greatest inventions and man-made institutions across history took a lot of creative people many decades to put them together.

Watching the world, and steering it towards where God wants is a marathon. Your most powerful expressions of creativity and inventiveness will require you to focus on your work for many years. Investigate great Creators and Inventors across history, and you will see the pattern. Your invention education could take up to a decade. Then you begin with the smallest project that could grow over time into the great visions that dominate your heart. Thinking tomorrow, today gives you a leverage as you will learn to build for the long-term. While you might have a sense of accomplishment from creating things in the short-term. Nothing beats the eternal fulfillment that comes from creating the things that power the future of your world.

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