Creativity Begins At Home

A special report jointly released by UNESCO, UNDP, and UNOSSC declared that “Creativity and innovation, at both the individual and group levels, have become the true wealth of nations in the 21st century”. Creativity is this incredible gift that you possess. And with some training, you can begin to reshape your world with your creations. You can steer the world towards where God wants through the applications of your creative talent. However, before we begin to transform the world’s culture or terraform Mars. It makes a lot of sense to start off with small projects. Let your creativity make an impact in your home and localised community for a start.

At age 19, Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook, with an initial focus on his campus. Over time he expanded access to other campuses. And when the time was right, they allowed everyone on the platform. Before Facebook happened, Mark Zuckerberg had been building things. At age 12, he created his first messaging system called “ZuckNet”, which was used by his family to communicate within the house. It was also used by his father in his dental office to let his receptionist inform him about a patient without shouting. That project allowed the young man to explore different social software ideas in his mind early on. Today, Mark Zuckerberg owns two messaging services, Messenger and WhatsApp, that each have more than 1 billion users. He started at home.

This is the big question: How can your knowledge and creative powers help any member of your family? The world is a very big place. It would take a lot of time and resources to make an impact on the larger society. When starting out, what you really want to do is to build confidence by demonstrating competence in little projects. Each little project you complete sets you up for the next one. If your family members won’t grant you an audience, then seek a new family or community that would. The key to dominating the world lies in your ability to solve problems at a lower level, and then scale up your solutions to the world. Creativity should begin at the grassroots.

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