True Spiritual Transformation Should Impact The Economy

You do not have to overthink the scriptures to realize that any city or community that is dominated by people whose lives are ordered according to the word of God will enjoy heaven on earth. Spiritual transformation should not start and stop with church growth. It should influence the culture, and families, transform the media and the arts. It should positively transform the economy. Think about it. Christianity produces virtuous people that are productive. They hate sin with a passion, and won’t commit crimes. They create wealth and economic growth through their productivity. If you believe God can save anyone and turn their heart away from sin. Why would you think it is impossible for your city to be dominated by people that are living right?

This is not just some grand theory. Communities, cities and nations can experience a positive economic turnaround. A well documented example of this is Almolonga, Guatemala. Almolonga is a village in Guatemala with an encouraging story of transformation. Before being visited by God’s power, it was a place overrun by fear, demons, poverty, idolatry, and drunkenness. It was reported that 90% of the 18,000 inhabitants surrendered their lives to Christ after revival broke out there. This led to a reduction in crime and social vices. The energy wasted on sin and crime was now channeled into productive endeavors. This transformed their economy. They now export their agricultural products to nations of the world.

The first step to transforming the economy of your world to reflect heaven, is to look inwards. If your world will not be better and more prosperous if more people behaved like you. This should call for concern and reflection. If you are failing in your duty to be a salt and light of your world. You cannot expect economic growth and miracles. Your world should be full of life, hope, optimism and energy that radiates from your spirit. Be open to the idea that the economy of your world will be better off, if you can make more disciples. Economic matters are productivity matters. And proper Christian training moulds virtuous people that are productive.

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