The Wealth Of Your World

A lot of third world countries like Nigeria miss the point when they think that they are a rich country. They think that due to the existence of “natural resources” within their borders, they are rich. This is false. The true wealth of a country is not the abundance of things we can consider natural resources. The wealth of a country depends upon the people that constitute the country. Third world countries are poor and underdeveloped because those societies are dominated by mediocrity, and third class thinkers. If you want to steer your world towards a prosperous future, the key is to educate and train the youth.

The true wealth of nations lies in the strength of its human capital. The USA has a fair amount of natural resources, but nobody ever ranks that country as a rich country on the basis of that. The wealth of the USA lies within the minds of people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Tyler Perry and so on. The genius is not in selling crude oil or cocoa. The genius is in developing machines that require refined crude oil. The genius is in converting cocoa to chocolate. Wealth is not something we seek from abroad, it is something we birth from our spirit.

The wealth of your world is determined by the quality of the people that make up your world. Your most important assignment as a watchman tasked with steering us towards a prosperous future, is to train and educate the people in your world. You must become uncomfortable with mediocrity and third class thinking. Demand that the people in your world – brothers, sisters, children, siblings and niblings – all get the best education they can. It is your job to develop the human resources available within your family, church, business, or organization. When they are developed, their productivity will increase. This is how you can create wealth and abundance in your world.

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