Increase Your Contribution To The Economy

You are either a part of the problem or a part of the solution to the economic issues plaguing your world. The economy does not improve by advocacy and delivery of big speeches. Economic matters are productivity matters. If you are not happy with the economic conditions of your world, approach it as a productivity problem. Don’t join the blame game. Certain people in third world countries like Nigeria have convinced themselves that their poverty is none of their fault. They blame others and refuse to take responsibility. If you want your economy to improve, increase the productivity of your people. That’s how economies grow – through higher productivity.

It is a problem when people feel they can talk, debate, pray or legislate a better economy. Worse, some feel that you can grow your economy by simply issuing an executive order. It does not work. You can do much more if you rolled up your sleeves and got to work. Think about all the good you would be doing for the economy of your town or city if you created a company or companies that employs 100 people locally, and serves at least 1,000 clients globally. You need to realize that you are not helping matters by playing small. A lot of social vices that keep you up at night would disappear if you had created more jobs through your businesses.

You cannot have an effect on the economy of your world unless you develop capacity for big things. If west Africans desire a better economy, the solution is to create companies that make a difference at that level. We should plant at least 10 innovative companies headquartered in West Africa worth at least $1 billion. 100 innovative companies headquartered in West Africa worth between $100 million to $800 million. 1,000 innovative companies headquartered in West Africa and worth at least $10 million. This is the thinking required for economic advancement. You have to develop the capacity to build economic entities that operate at this level.

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