Generating Simple Ideas That Work

You must become the kind of person that produces simple solutions based on your depth of knowledge. Well meaning, but ignorant people have caused many problems by simplifying an issue without a thorough understanding of it. A popular maxim says, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. Your world will move towards the simplest ideas available. Ideas expressed in simple words will travel faster than ideas that appear complicated. This is the reason ideas and solutions must be made as simple as possible. However, in your quest to make things easy, do not oversimplify in a way that the ideas lose their core features.

Simple, powerful ideas are the product of sophisticated thinking, fueled by knowledge. People who avoid understanding the complexities of life end up naive, unsophisticated and are easy to exploit. It is foolishness, not humility, to refuse to gather enough information about an issue before forming an opinion. You cannot simplify something you do not understand in detail. You produce simple ideas from your understanding of the complex underlying issues. So, embrace the chaos and complexities of life. Thinking about problems in society and business is hard. You get started by adjusting your mindset. There must be a willingness to embrace a more sophisticated mode of thinking.

Simple ideas work better and spread faster than complicated ideas. Simple ideas come together in a mind that is sophisticated enough to make sense of the underlying issues and reach a definite conclusion. One of the duties of a leader is to do the hard thinking avoided by simpletons. You do all the thinking and then inspire others to find their role within the framework you have created. If your ideas are not getting the support and traction you hoped for, perhaps it is not simple enough. You have to go deeper in your thoughts while seeking better clarity and simplicity. This practice will help you form simple ideas that work.

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