It Is Always About The Economy

One day, you will realize that most people do not care about where they worship or who they worship. They just want to have their needs met. Jesus had no illusions about this and neither should you. He confronted the crowd, saying, “Truly, truly, I say to you, you are seeking me, not because you saw signs, but because you ate your fill of the loaves (John 6:26 ESV). Jesus knew they were seeking him for the natural stuff, even though he would have preferred they come for the spiritual enlightenment and transformation. A watchman must understand the need for economic transformation.

It continues to shock peddlers of religion when someone jumps ship and heads to another flock within their religion or switches religions all together. They forget that people are not looking for religion, they are looking for solutions to their problems. Stop peddling religion. Understand that people want a place where they can grow and prosper, under visionary leadership and strong governance. People want to be fruitful (productive), not in some vague, religious sense, but in a practical socio-economic way. If you really offer spiritual transformation, it should improve the fruitfulness (productivity) of the people. The economic outlook of your world should be positive.

The economic outlook of your world matters. You cannot continue to pretend that the sufferings of this world are irrelevant as long as an escape to heaven is in the cards. People will seek whatever reprieve they can get from wherever they can get them. Certain third world countries like Nigeria are known for being religious. However, more people migrate out of that country in search of brighter economic prospects than those migrating into the country in search of God. We cannot fool everyone all the time. You want to be clear on the effect of your watch on the economy of your world. It is always about the economy.

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