The Visionary Must Become A Missionary

Visionaries are important. They paint a bold picture for the future and redefine what is possible. They have original ideas about what the future could be like, and they inspire us to find our role within that space. However, a lot of the time, we underestimate just how much work it would take for the vision to manifest in the real world. You need to remember that it is not enough to dream up a vision, you need to do the work. A watchman should not be content with dreaming up visions, be ready to do the work. Embrace the transformation from visionary to missionary. The vision needs to hit the streets.

Every vision or idea that goes mainstream benefits from the work ethic of someone that understands missions. The big, overarching vision statement must be simplified into a mission. Then a Missionary takes it to the streets. The first chapter of the Gospel of Mark shows us this approach in the life of Jesus. Jesus went throughout the region of Galilee, where he preached in the synagogues. Some of the people he impacted along the way would not shut up about him, and news about him and his work began to spread around. A vision requires someone that can embrace the work it demands.

Today, we seem to suffer from the condition of too many Visionaries, and not enough Missionaries. There are so many pie-in-the-sky vision statements out there without any comprehensive implementation by dedicated Missionaries. The visions fail to gather the momentum required, and they fail. The vision is pleasant to contemplate but is very unlikely to be realized. A vision has to be more than a daydream or illusion to the person tasked with steering us towards a better future. You should stop underestimating how much work it would take to take your calling, or life assignment global. At some point you have to switch from vision dreaming to missions.

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