It Is Not a Money Problem

The biggest problem with the world right now is the tendency to reframe everything as a money problem. Every obstacle, every hindrance to progress is thought of as lack of money. The idea being that with enough money, there is nothing to worry about. You would accomplish everything you want. However, money in itself does not solve problems. Money is, at best, a poor way to keep track of productivity and problem-solving skills. Money will not solve your problem, knowledge and discipline will. You must grow your mind enough to understand that you need knowledge more than you need money to accomplish your goals.

The biggest obstacle to building your business or organization is not funding, it is knowledge. Well funded organizations run out of money every day and close shop. People, companies and nations will perish for lack of knowledge. On the other hand, knowledge and wisdom will always find a way to keep going. The most resilient companies are knowledge-driven. You don’t solve problems by throwing money at it, you solve it by application of knowledge and wisdom. Your obsession with money is unhealthy and it will harm you much more than you realize. It is well known that the more knowledge, skills and information you have access to, the more you can do with little resources.

Money will not do for you what knowledge can do for you. Money cannot replace the need for discipline. The bible makes it clear that foolish people need knowledge and instruction. There is no biblical support for giving money to someone who lacks knowledge. Fools don’t need your money, they need knowledge. If you are young and foolish, seek the instructions of a father and the wise counsel only a mother can give. Knowledge will do more for you than money ever can. People with more resources than knowledge soon go bankrupt. You have to build with knowledge and discipline.

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