You Need a Village

It takes a village to succeed. You need to belong to the “right village” for you to achieve the kind of success and impact you crave for. An old proverb of West African origin says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. You cannot make yourself super successful by your own labour. The knowledge and power requirements for massive success makes it impossible for an individual to succeed without requiring help and services from others. You must understand this principle, and allow it to motivate you to take an interest in the people and institutions that define your world.

Investigate the roots of any extraordinary accomplishment, and you would discover that an entire village came together to make it happen. A single person might take the credit as the face of the accomplishment, but there is always a system in operation. Neil Armstrong would have never landed on the moon without the support of thousands of scientists, engineers, and politicians. Aliko Dangote could never erect a single factory without the help and services of engineers, financiers, politicians and other stakeholders. Ademola Morebise is the public face of a dedicated team of people working round-the-clock to publish the Watching the World devotionals everyday.

Understanding that you “need a village” is not a license to relocate. A watchman does not abandon “their village” for greener pastures. Their job is to shape that world, and influence their economies towards a better future. You start by identifying the scope of your world. It could be geographical, like a town, city or nation (a city is usually more practical). It could be an industry or a sphere of life like the fashion industry or family life and parenting. Pray about this and try to get some clarity around this. Once you have established the scope of your world, you then get to work. It is up to you to steer your world towards a more productive future for everyone.

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