It Takes A Village To Win At Scale

A popular old proverb of West African origin says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. This is a simple, but profound way to highlight the importance of “world building”. If you want certain outcomes, you have to build the institutions, ecosystems and governance that increases the likelihood of the desired results. You will fail with your task to steer your world towards a better future if you do not understand this. You do not build a better world by focusing on individual accomplishment. It takes a village to achieve certain goals.

It would seem that Nigerians do not understand the role of institutions, ecosystems and governance. The system and culture that produced seven hundred and twenty-four billionaires in the USA is greater than any individual billionaire. There is enough evidence for us to conclude that being a part of the right village matters a lot. Elon Musk was born to White South African parents in Pretoria, where he grew up. However, he realized early in life that the only place in the world that could support his grand ambitions was the USA. He relocated there in the passing of time and today, he is winning. It takes a village to achieve certain goals.

The time is right for the watchman (that’s you), to shift focus from how individuals can succeed and begin to think about how we can build better villages (institutions, ecosystems and governance). You might be thinking it is easier for people to just take personal responsibility, work harder and they would succeed. However, this is a myth. We are all products of systems, and the only way to create change at a scale that matters is by working on those institutions. You must take a long-term view and work towards taking control of the socio-economic and political institutions that drive your world. We must shape a better ecosystem. It takes a village to achieve certain goals.

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