Allow Your Purpose Pursuit To Change Your Relationships

There are two important days in the life of a person; the day they are born, and the day they figure out why. When you begin to understand yourself enough to live a life consistent with your purpose. You will grow into a phase of character development and community building. This is a continuous process, as you continue to grow and mature into the person that can take things to the next level. The downside is that change is difficult for many to embrace, and growth is painful. This is the reason you will lose friends and close knit relationships as you continue to grow. You lose old friends and become part of a new community centered upon shared vision and values.

When you begin to grow and mature into a spiritually minded person. You start to understand your role in watching the world, and you soon discover that not everyone is willing to go that extra mile. They are not bad people, they are just not cut out for that kind of life. You soon have to choose between your relationship with them and your continuous spiritual growth. This should not be up for debate. You should always choose the spiritual path. Elisha held a final feast for his family before heading off to serve Elijah as an apprentice (1 Kings 19: 19-21). He did not hesitate to follow through.

You have to keep your eyes on the God-given vision. Be sure that you will get there, it is those that will be by your side when you do that you would not know. You should also not be too bothered about it. Your “family”, destiny-company and community will all sort themselves out in the passing of time. There will be old friends leaving quietly as you now have less shared values and interests, while you attract new people into your life. The more you grow spiritually, intellectually or physically, the more specialized the kind of fellowships you will need. Submit to God and let the process take its course.

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