Push Your Good Works

A frightening amount of people do not try enough to push through their ideas, initiatives and projects. This is a collective loss to the human race. You are a part of something bigger than yourself. You are a part of a community, a society, a world, and it is the shared responsibility of everyone to contribute towards the peace and progress of their world. There is an obligation for you to contribute to your world, you have to do all you can to push through. If you think about it, you would see that you are robbing us of the glory of God. For it is written that we would give glory to God when we see your good works (Matthew 5:16).

Take a look around you right now, and understand that everything you can see, feel and touch were made by God working through human agents. Think about your country or community, and the major events that shaped it over time for better or worse. There must have been people who pushed through their political ideas (and agenda). Others who pushed through their economic ideas (agenda). There are people pushing their ideas (agenda) through music, movies and other artistic forms of expression. Our collective space is defined and shaped by people who are bold enough to push through their ideas, initiatives and projects.

Your life should light up your world. So, don’t hide your light. God has sent you to your world for a reason. You must identify the reason, and work as hard as you can with the right people towards a realization of your good works. It is not about you, it is the fact that this is about something bigger than yourself. This is about allowing the world to glorify your God because their lives have been changed for the better by your good works. Pushing out your good works will not be easy. You will be fighting off opposing works of the devil for worldly domination. Do not be afraid or bothered about that, because in Jesus name, you have the victory already!

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