Who Runs The World?

I grew up with the idea that the devil runs the world. The biggest companies in the world were run by people who had sold their souls to the devil. That the devil is the god of technology. The world is bad and full of evil. The only righteous course of action was to die and seek escape to heaven. This ideology is terrible as it makes no sense at all. If the world was enemy territory, the most productive thing to do was for God to rapture us immediately to heaven after conversion. The world is not run by the devil, the world is dominated by the ideology of the people within that world.

If you think Satan is the god of this world, please consider these questions. First, is it possible for a good proportion of your world to become born-again Christians? Second, what would happen to your world if most of the people were on the Lord’s side? Pastors and evangelists insist a good proportion of the world can be converted to Christianity. However, they insist Satan would still have control over the world. This highlights a critical flaw in their thinking. When you study the gospels, you find that the mission of Jesus was more of discipleship and socio-economic transformation than mere evangelism and church planting.

Take some time to study the world and you would discover that Christianity is a major influence in the world today. Christians played a major role in creating a world that is just and peaceful. You will discover a lot of Christians running global organizations that are making the world a better place. You might even discover some billionaires like Folorunsho Alakija, David Green and Do Won Chang that are public about their religious beliefs. Your first instinct would be to think they compromised their faith in order to succeed, but you would be wrong. Like the biblical Abraham, you can be righteous and wealthy at the same time. The world belongs to whoever is willing to put in the work.

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