God Of Heaven. Humans Of The Earth.

Some thinkers introduced a two-tier understanding of heaven and earth. They held that God exists, but that he lives in a distant realm called heaven, where he looks down at the human world moving along, on earth. They paint a picture of a cold, dispassionate and indifferent God. However, that is not the God of the bible. The Holy Bible points us to a loving Creator-God that is obsessed with improving the human condition. God wants to improve the quality of life right here, right now on earth. Heaven is not some far off headquarters out of touch with the world. We channel the grace from heaven to the earth every day.

We pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” The will of God for the earth exists and it is rich, beautiful and fulfilling. Rapture to heaven is not the only thing on offer. God cares about sicknesses. He cares about unemployment, discrimination and all forms of injustice (James 2:15-16, Psalms 82: 2-4). God cares about people living an unfulfilled life. God cares when we fail to live out the essence of our lives on earth (Isaiah 65:20). God loves the world a lot.

You need to stop thinking the world is evil and lost. That is similar to a student insisting the upcoming examinations are rigged. You have the love, grace, wisdom and power to wrestle your world away from the devils. Your world can be healed and delivered by your decision to act. The devils run the world because the saints are avoiding to do the work required to steer the world. Every time you refused to take responsibility, you gave space to the devil. Every time you refused to join politics and run for a public office, you gave permission to the wicked ruler. When you refused to build a bigger and more influential business, you gave up the opportunity to advance your own values and beliefs.

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